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New sounds available!

Recently, I came across a folder of ambisonic recordings I made. I wasn’t sure what they were so I opened each file and listened to them. Some were rehearsals with my band, others were from concerts I had recorded last year and was going to use the ambisonic files as room sound. I can’t remember if I used them for those recordings or not to be honest. But I found a couple of files that were of fireworks. I was intrigued and I remember that for a few years in a row I was recording fireworks on new years eve. One of those things I just do… I know I’m strange.

I listened to the recordings and then I realized is that these were recorded on the day I got married, December 31, 2020. Or actually they were recorded at midnight so technically they were recorded on January 1, 2021. 14 hours after I got married.

I’ve posted them on my Pond5 site if you’d like to purchase them. I’m also making these files available to my patrons as a way to say thank you for supporting the work I do. And I’ll be adding more sounds for my patrons as I capture them.