Please know that I could not do this without you. Here are some ways you can help support my work.

I’ve been using Mixcloud for years with my work for Hawaii Public Radio. Here I’ve made my own page and started a channel devoted to sharing music of all genres. And on occasion you’ll find me streaming live on the site.

Buy Me a Coffee
I always thought this was a fun website. Plus I have bought coffee for people through this site so it’s a no brainer to add it to the list of ways you can support the work I do.

I’ll be uploading all of the sound you’ll be hearing on the podcast so that people can purchase it and use in their work. Or if you just want to purchase it to listen to the full recordings. This is where you’ll find them.

There may be other ways to support the work I do down the line, But for now, these are the main ways you can help to support my work. As always I thank you for your support!