Something new on the horizon

After a few months of being away from radio and with the end of my radio show at Hawaii Public Radio, I’ve decided to embark on a new show. Listeners of my Applause in a Small Rom show will be familiar with the site the site allows DJ’s and show hosts to up load their music shows and also support the artists who make the music we share. Its a win-win-win.

The new address is The show is still in it’s infancy but I think it’s got enough now for me to start sharing it with everyone. Take a listen and if you enjoy it perhaps share it with a friend or two!

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you on the next show!

Relevant links:
Discord Server

Applause in a Small Room Archive

After 8 years of producing a weekly radio show featuring live music recorded by yours truly, the show has reached its end. Part of that end was facilitated by my leaving Hawaii Public Radio to move closer to my family on the continent. We scheduled 17 weeks of shows to run while I moved and got settled in Arizona. On January 30th, 2022 the last show aired featuring my favorite moments from the shows 8-year history. The archive exists here and will continue to exist in perpetuity. Thanks again to everyone who made the show possible . All the musicians we featured over the years, the staff at HPR and of course the listeners and supporters of Hawaii Public Radio.

Please enjoy the archive and feel free to let me know if you stumble upon any new favorites as you listen to the shows!

New sounds available!

Recently, I came across a folder of ambisonic recordings I made. I wasn’t sure what they were so I opened each file and listened to them. Some were rehearsals with my band, others were from concerts I had recorded last year and was going to use the ambisonic files as room sound. I can’t remember if I used them for those recordings or not to be honest. But I found a couple of files that were of fireworks. I was intrigued and I remember that for a few years in a row I was recording fireworks on new years eve. One of those things I just do… I know I’m strange.

I listened to the recordings and then I realized is that these were recorded on the day I got married, December 31, 2020. Or actually they were recorded at midnight so technically they were recorded on January 1, 2021. 14 hours after I got married.

I’ve posted them on my Pond5 site if you’d like to purchase them. I’m also making these files available to my patrons as a way to say thank you for supporting the work I do. And I’ll be adding more sounds for my patrons as I capture them.


Podcast coming soon!

As I gear up to do my podcast. I’ve gone back and forth dozens of times at this point and finally landed on the notion that it doesn’t actually matter where the podcast comes from since most of the audience will find it on Spotify or stitcher or on apple’s podcasts. So I’ll be doing my podcast from this site. and I’ll be writing about sound here as well. SO stay tuned for what’s coming up.

I’ve also setup a couple of ways you can help support my endeavors. The first and probably best way will be through patreon. there you can become a patron and you’ll get access to patrons-only content like articles and sound files. If you’re a fan of the buy me a coffee website you can also find me there as well.

That’s all for now. more on the way soon!


New sounds on Pond5

I’m just starting to get everything up and running and a big part of that is to start getting my audio recordings up on my pond5 page. I uploaded two versions of the same recording to start off. It’s a recording I made last year with the Sennheiser Ambeo VR mic. I took it out for a test drive and got a nice recording of a waterfall along the Nuʻuanu stream near Judd Trail in Honolulu. One version is a stereo version and the other is a binaural version that uses the ambisonic information to approximate the sound field in a stereo format. Just a basic recording but Iʻm excited to be starting this journey. The audio can be found at

Getting things setup

If you’re seeing this it’s because things are in motion and I’m working to get my website and everything going again. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this and it’s slowly coming back to me.

What am I working on? you ask… good question.

Obviously I’m working on getting this site up to speed but I’m also working on starting a podcast! I don’t have a name yet but we’re working on that. The concept will be to focus on sound. Naturally! because I’m a sound engineer/recordist. I wanted to focus on sound but not about the recording aspect of it so much as the listening to it. I have gathered all the gear I’m going to need to record out in the world. My next steps are to get this site set up and ready. And all of the ancillary accounts to make a podcast work. Apple podcast connect, Google Podcast Manager, Spotify and Stitcher to start with. But I also need content to throw in to the feed as well. So that will be coming soon.

So be on the lookout for new things starting to appear here soon.