Hi my name is Jason Almirez-Taglianetti. I’m a sound engineer/recordist/content creator from Honolulu, Hi now living in Phoenix Az. This site is a place for me to share my thoughts, samples of my work and more.

“Sound is the vocabulary of nature”

— Pierre Schaeffer


Having spent a lifetime in show business, it all begins with storytelling for Jason. Whether it’s creating radio programs, playing music, recording location sound, or creating podcasts, it’s all starts with storytelling.


30 years of audio production for music, theatre, radio, television and digital media. Whether it’s rock, pop, classical, jazz or spoken word. The one thing that stands out is flexibility. being able to handle a diverse array of styles and mediums is the cornerstone of Jason’s experience.


Jason’s recordings have been heard all over the world on BBC Radio, NHK TV, NPR, and in Hawaii on Hawaii News Now, and Hawaii Public Radio. Visit my work page to see more samples of my work over the years.

Radio Content

Thunderstorm Artis on HPR’s Applause in a Small Room, Recorded, edited, hosted, and produced by Jason Almirez-Taglianetti
Ki Ho’alu artist Jeff Peterson on HPR’s Blue Note Virtually Live, recorded, edited, and produced by Jason Almirez-Taglianetti