Over the past 3 decades, I’ve spent my life devoted to the study and production of sound. Here you can find links to some of the work I’ve done over the years.

Applause in a Small Room
I started the show in 2014 on Hawaii Public Radio as a way to preserve the truly one-of-a-kind live performances from HPR’s Atherton Studio. It has grown to become a celebration of live music and those who perform. The full archive can be found on Mixcloud

HPR’s Blue Note Virtually Live
In the summer of 2020 while most of the population of Hawaii was in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hawaii Public Radio worked in partnership with the Blue Note Hawaii and TV station Hawaii News Now to present a radio show and live stream of live music featuring musical artists from Hawaii. The series was 12 episodes in total with a wide range of styles from Hawaiian Ki Hoʻalu (slack key), to Hawaiian contemporary, reggae, rock and roll, jazz and even a classical string quartet. The full series can be found on Mixcloud

The Best of Aloha Shorts
Aloha Shorts was a radio show I recorded and edited when I started working for Hawaii Public Radio. The show featured stories published by Bamboo Ridge Press. The show featured stories written by Hawaii’s authors, read by Hawaiʻi’s Actors and broadcast to the entire state of Hawaiʻi on Hawaiʻi Public Radio. Later the producers published a book featuring stories for the production, along with several of the best stories that got produced. There is also a companion to the book which highlights many of the stores that were featured in the book.

#8x8_Shangril Hawaii Podcast
Recording and Editing this podcast with Shangrila Hawaii was a special treat and a chance to work with a great organization to help them reach out beyond the museum walls at a time when they could not be open to the public. In total, we did 5 episodes highlighting 10 artists featured in the Shangrila 8×8 series.

HSO – Journey Together With Ron Artis ii
I provided the Audio mix to video for this concert featuring one of my dear friends, Ron Artis ii, and a great music organization, the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra.

Stargazing: Faith Versus Science In Hawaii
This was a series produced by the BBC. Episode 4 is the one I got to work on. I conducted several interviews with various people around Hawaii. Including Kalepa Baybayan, PWO Master Navigator from the Polynesian Voyaging Society. He was very generous with his time, even giving me a tour of the Hokulea just after their successful circumnavigation of the earth. The days I spent recording interviews for this episode were one of the most significant days of my life.
I can’t stop listening to the world around me. Anytime I hear an interesting sound I try to capture it so I can share it. Soundcloud is where I’ve posted some of those sounds in the past. And will be working on adding more of my work to the site.