Born and raised on the Island of Oahu, Jason has spent most of his life in the pursuit of understanding sound and what can be done with it as a medium. In his early childhood he saw how sound could be used to assist story-telling mediums like theatre and dance from a backstage perspective. He continued his study of sound through high school while learning to play several musical instruments including guitar, bass, drums, violin, and viola. In the mid 90’s Jason got a chance to study audio production at the Art Institute of Seattle under several of Seattle’s engineers responsible for capturing the sound of Seattle. Returning home in 1997 he began working as a sound designer for local theatre companies.

Today Jason is the Production Manager at Hawaii Public Radio, creating and producing content for a radio audience, and is the host of a radio show called Applause in a Small Room. The show focuses on bringing live music performances to a bigger audience through Hawaii Public Radio’s statewide network. He is also an award winning sound designer and engineer receiving numerous awards for his theatricla sound designs. In August of 2020 Jason received an Excellence in Sound Design Award from the Hawaii State Theatre Council for his sound design for Manoa Valley Theatre’s 2019 production of “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime.”

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, like many musicians who lost their gigs, jason turned to sites like facebook and youtube to start playing for audiences again. Live-streaming has really been a lifesaver for so many musicians around the world. Through this technology we’re able to play music and provide art for the world during this tough time. Jason live-streams usually on Sundays at 11 am HST on his facebook page. And if you don’t have a facebook account you can catch his livestreams on his live pag here. You can also follow his progress and read more about this journey at